80/20 Rules

These 80/20 rules are great for obtaining and maintaining health, losing weight, and more. Sometimes other ratios are necessary;

  • 90/10 for those who are WAY out of balance and need a boost towards health.
  • 60-80/20-40 for athletes depending on intensity
  • 50-60/40-50 for those trying to gain weight
80% 20%
  • Healthy & balanced
  • Alkaline foods
  • Plate of veggies
  • Stomach full
  • Eat what you want!!
  • Acid foods
  • Plate of meat or starches
  • Stomach empty


This a rule that seems impossible to follow if you are a meat and starch person like me. However, after filling my plate up with 60-80% veggies and the rest starch or protein, I would be totally full and not have any cravings afterwards. Plus all the enzymes form the veggies help to digest the other foods.

If you don’t like vegetables then this rule can make or break the diet for you. If you want to be healthy, then listen to your mom and eat your veggies!

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