Commitment Form

If you are serious about your success with this program, then print out this form, fill it out, and keep it somewhere that you can see it everyday.

I, ________________________________, commit to the following statements and I fully believe they are necessary in obtaining my goals and maintaining my health.


– I am committed to following my diet plan 100% of the time, with the exception of at most ONE cheat meal per week where I can;

1) eat whatever I want, without overeating OR

2) overeat but stick to the right foods and food combining rules

– I understand that my health is in MY own hands, and that is a good thing

– I am the main person in charge of motivating and healing myself

– I understand that there is no failure in trying

– I am 100% committed to correcting and continuing through the hard times

– I am 100% committed to the journey of optimum health and self-improvement

– I am 100% committed to having fun and finishing my plan until my goals are reached

– I realize that the following phrases affect WHY I CAN’T GET HEALTHY OR REACH MY GOALS

I am 100% committed to the following affirmations which will create new beliefs and neutralize the three unsupportive phrases above so they no longer influence my actions. CLICK HERE for sample affirmations.

My worst foods or habits are;

I will improve them  by;

I am 100% committed to the following goals

I commit to Phase I of the program for 30 days

Signature ______________________________



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