Digestion Stretches

Perform these throughout the day to encourage proper digestion. The organs that digest food are wrapped and suspended in fascia, which also wraps around the muscles and can be tight and restrictive to movement and digestive flow.

Hold each pose for at least 60 seconds with relaxed breathing. These should be gentle stretches, do not push them to your limit.

*if you have low back pain or other injuries that prevent some of these stretches, then PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and skip them =)

**if you do these stretches before breakfast, then only do cobra, standing twist, and the abdomen stretch. All of the others involve a lot of spine pressure which is not ideal until a few hours after waking.

We will have many more to come!

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  1. […] Stretches that aid digestion. In general, stretches that open up, twist, and bend the abdomen help to loosen up the organs and promote digestion. […]

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