Stress Meditation

Relaxation Technique: SINKING DEEP INTO THE SEA

  • Find a comfortable position that you can stay in for at least 10 minutes. It can be lying or sitting and you can use pillows and props to keep your spine straight and comfortable.
  • Softly close your eyes and guide your attention inward. Note how the body feels and where you are storing tension right now.
  • Smoothly, take a big breath and notice how the chest and abdomen gently move up and down with your breath. Continue observing your breath as you relax your neck and shoulders, and slowly sink deeper into your body.
  • Now imagine you are at sea, and there is a big, noisy, dark storm all around you. You are bobbing in the ocean with giant waves and just your head is above the water. Nobody else is around. This storm, is life. It represents all of the chaos that surrounds you on a daily basis. Deadlines, traffic, arguments, bills, and more.
  • Get back to your breath now, and settle into your breathing. Visualize sinking down into that ocean and under the water. Keeping your attention on your breath, observe how as you sink deeper you can still see the chaos above in the storm of life, but it is not so vivid anymore.
  • You are becoming calmer as you sink deeper into the ocean and your body with every breath. The storm is still there, but you are observing it from a new place now. As you slowly sink to the deepest part of your body and the ocean, you find that it is totally peaceful and quiet. You can feel your heartbeat and are one with the natural rhythms of your body. You are aware of every cell in your body.
  • You are now sitting at the bottom of the ocean, where your true self can be found. Looking in the far distance you can see the storm and chaos of life, but they do not seem so chaotic anymore. They are merely there, not affecting you any more than a storm on the other side of the globe.
  • You now are in a place that empowers you to choose what affects you, and what doesn’t. Instead of reacting to life and letting it shape your every molecule, now you can shape yourself through awareness of the storm and where you stand in it. 
  • Thinking of your body as the ocean, and the storm as life’s chaos, visualize the journey you just took to the center of yourself. With every breath you can sink deeper into yourself and away from the influence of outside distractions. Welcome home. This is where you will find all the answers to what makes you happy and healthy. 
  • This is where you are truly you and the only thing that can influence your behavior is your own free will.

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