This blog is an extension of and exists to support the book “Cleansing with the Seasons.” It will be constantly updated with new recipes, health and nutrition tools.

The book and principles of Cleansing with the Seasons are based on Chinese medicine and ancient philosophy. The laws of the 5 elements are the primary attributes used in the book, all of which coincide with the 4 seasons plus a transition season.

The reason the book was written was…

I really wish that many people were still alive in my life right now. My mom, many clients and friends, the list is unfortunately long of people in my life who have passed away WAY too early from cancer and disease.

If you are reading this, than I hope it inspires you to cradle your health with both arms and nurture it in a way that makes disease and cancer succumb to your powers.

If there is one simple way to do that, it is through periodic cleansing. No matter what your history is, the body is so powerful, so self-correcting that all you need to do is create some space for it to heal, and it will do the rest.

Disease and cancer enter the body via mental, emotional, spiritual and physical trauma’s that we do not deal with. This book is a tool for dealing with these traumas.

You can find out more about the book at http://www.seasonalcleansing.com/


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