Author Bio

Chris Hallford has over 13 years of experience working in clinics and gyms dealing with health, pain and injuries. He is best known for getting to the root causes of poor health and pain and dysfunction while designing evidence-based programs that keep the problems away.

Chris’ Experience

  • Director of Exercise Progression and Muscle Therapy in San Jose, 2008
  • Founder of The National Institute of Health Specialists Inc. (NIHS)
  • Pain and Injury Specialist for The Center of Optimum Health in San Francisco, 2008
  • Head of Post-Rehabilitation exercise and muscle therapy for Dr. Collins at Fremont Chiropractic. 2004-2006
  • Over 18 years of personal experience with chronic low back pain and being a patient of the health care “system.”
  • Over 25 years of experience being an athlete, including junior national swim team and the junior Olympic water polo team.
  • Has worked with injured athletes in over 20 different sports and at all levels. Such as world-class athletes in gymnastics, triathlons, track and field, and tennis, professional football and baseball players, world ranked Brazilian jujitsu fighters, Boston marathon runners, and many more.
  • Over 11 years of experience seeing clients for muscle therapy and exercise progression programs.
  • Over four years of working directly with and studying under very successful acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.
  • Has coached 1000’s of clients succesfully to improve their health and performance. 


Through his institute, NIHS, Chris also presents workshops to health professionals and is focused on improving the health care system at both ends; education and care. He presents workshops that are both exciting and highly experiential.


Chris has published one book and is currently writing six more books and 10 DVD’s. His first book received recognition by PTontheNet co-founder Richard Boyd, who said “I applaud Chris for creating such a thorough yet easy to follow guide in this book Exercise Progression, Low Back Disorders” and “I recommend this book to any professional…”


Chris is currently involved in working with a company to get his spinal stability invention patented.


Medical Exercise Specialist – The American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals (AAHFRP)

Personal Trainer – The American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Massage Therapist – McKinnon Institute

4 Responses

  1. Hi Chris

    I finally had a chance to visit the team page and actually look up mentors
    and coaches in effort to learn a little bit about you all.

    I am very impress and have great respect for you and all that you do.

    See you at training!

    Laura Wells

  2. I’d love to get a copy of the food combining chart you mentioned on Linkden that you were unable to upload.

    • Hi Joann, thanks for your interest.
      Stay tuned to this blog for the release of the book this year (hopefully). Once it’s released I can get you a copy of the chart…or maybe I will just send you the whole book as a gift for your interest =)
      Keep in touch!

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