Everyday Nutrition

We call this the OFF-SEASON PROGRAM or H2 Nutrition.

So what does one do when they are not cleansing with the seasons? Well that depends on whether a person is a) cleansing because they want to consistently improve how they eat and feel or b) simply cleansing away their terrible eating habits only to return to the those same habits soon after.

If you are the a) person, keep reading. If you are the b) person, you’re probably not even reading this!

Once someone finishes a cleanse they should invariably pick up good habits that they did not previously have, or rarely practiced. That is step one; to keep as many good habits as possible from the cleanse and execute them as often as possible.

Step two is an extension of step one; to develop a program that utilizes as many tools from the cleanse as possible and lays out guidelines for what types of foods to eat and to stay away from.

Since the key to life is moderation and happiness, there should be cheat days or meals in this program, depending on one’s health situation. If someone is relatively healthy then the program can be more lenient, but if someone is suffering from disease, then the program should be more strict and focused on healing the digestive system.

The beauty of cleansing is that a person often finds out which foods cause bloating, fatigue, congestion, headaches and even more symptoms of dis-ease. These “enlightenments” hopefully lead to the elimination of certain foods and the attraction to other foods that increase energy, stamina, mental clarity and the like.

After enough cleanses a person should be in total harmony with what their body likes and dislikes, without even trying because they have trained themselves to eat in a way that naturally cleanses their systems.

In other words, the OFF-SEASON PROGRAM IS THIS;

  • Follow as many tools as possible that you learned and enjoyed in the cleanse.
  • Each time you cleanse, you will most likely add a tool or two to your off-season program.
  • Eventually you will be constantly eating in a way that cleanses your body – how cool is that?!

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