The Nutrition No No List

Do not read this article if;

  • You are not committed to your health.
  • You think health can come in a box, can or processed package.
  • You think organic is over rated.
  • You think fast food is convenient.
  • You are only willing to make changes that are comfortable to you.
  • You are looking for the secret to health.

            It is time to cut the nonsense and own up to the fact that most of us already know we should not be ingesting what is on this list, and yet we do. Why? Probably because of this excuse and that excuse….trust me, I’ve heard them all, or at least enough to encourage me to write something a little more abrupt than the average article saying “these are bad for you so don’t eat them.”

I hope you don’t mistake my passion for this topic with ranting and raving, but since I am losing friends, family and clients every year at an alarming rate to cancer and disease for “unknown” reasons, every little bit counts. I know it may seem difficult and maybe even extreme, so if you need to take baby steps, great, do that. Just do whatever it takes to get this list out of your system before it is too late to rid your body of them. This is a great start to helping your body cleanse itself.

My job is to challenge your views on health and make sure that YOU are the one making the decisions when it comes to your health, and not the government, popular magazines, famous people or anyone else.

No matter what the reason, if you are eating any of the following ingredients/additives and you would like to be healthy, please stop consuming them right now. It’s that simple. You cannot be healthy if you routinely consume any of the following 14 items.

I am not going to list the details of why these additives and other toxic ingredients are terrible for you, because if you need to know WHY you shouldn’t have artificial coloring in your blood stream, then you’re just not ready yet. Maybe you need to do some research on your own first (all of these can be Googled); I know I had to before I believed any of this stuff! Otherwise, just put your faith into my 17 plus years of research and reputation and simply eliminate this list NOW =).

Ok then, that was a little on the serious side, but hopefully now you understand my passion for your health and how important this knowledge is for you to thrive in life, not just survive and get by. Before we get to the list, check out a few of the problems that the things on The No No List can cause, i.e. reasons for you and your family to stay away from them!

  • Food allergies,
  • Increased waistlines, obesity and weight gain
  • Decreased absorption of minerals and vitamins
  • Cancer
  • Toxic reactions
  • Nervous disorders
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Migraines
  • Lowered immune function
  • Cavities
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression
  • Exaggerated PMS symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Itchy skin
  • Dizziness
  • Respiratory issues
  • Digestive disorders
  • Circulatory dysfunctions
  • Coronary problems
  • Hyperactivity and ADD in children
  • Visual and learning disorders
  • Nerve damage.
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Hair loss
  • Behavioral problems
  • Fetal abnormalities
  • Growth retardation.
  • Diarrhea and anal leakage
  • Heart disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Impairs fertility
  • Miscarriages and birth defects

Here is The NO NO LIST….in no particular order. It is up to you to read labels and find out where you are getting them in your diet. The goal is not to be uptight about this list and feel guilty every time you have something on it. The goal is to slowly train your habits so that this list is naturally avoided.

If you eat fresh, whole, organic foods, you won’t have to worry about any of this.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners
  2. Refined Sugar
  3. Pesticides
  4. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  5. BHA and BHT
  6. Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite
  7. Soda
  8. Artificial Colors
  9. Olestra (Olean)
  10. Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO)
  11. Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Trans Fat)
  12. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  13. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
  14. Growth hormones in animals

Primary Nutrition

Now it is time to talk about what nutrition really is. What is your definition of nutrition? If you look it up chances are the definition will be something about food and eating it.

There are two descriptions of nutrition that make sense to me and have changed the way I look at what I eat and most importantly how I act.

The first is from The Integrative Nutrition Institute of New York, which talks about nutrition coming from two places; food and life. More specifically they break it down into the following;

PRIMARY NUTRITION = Spirituality, Career, Physical Activity  & Relationships



Their philosophy is that if we fill up on primary nutrition, our cravings and need for food, or secondary nutrition, will diminish to more natural urges.

My other favorite definition of nutrition comes from Dr. Gabriel Cousens who explains in his book “Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet” that nutrition can be thought of as; all types of energy available to us.

Dr. Cousins states “…nutrition is what we absorb into our overall body, mind, and spirit from the different density levels that have precipitated from our cosmic force.” And he adds that these density levels, or energy sources are;

1. Cosmic energy, universal consciousness, God, etc.

2. Sunlight (least dense energy)

3. Oxygen

4. Sexual energy

5. Earths geomagnetic fields

6. Food (most dense energy)


We absorb these energies through various locations (portals) in the body, most importantly1;

1. Crown of the head

2. Seven chakras

3. Nose (oxygen)

4. Mouth (food and oxygen)

5. Eyes and skin (sun)

6. Sexual organs

7. Feet or any other part touching the earth (earth’s geomagnetic fields)


The functioning efficiency of our energy receiving areas/portals is directly related to our mental, emotional and spiritual health. Furthermore, the more “in-tune” these components are, the more energy/nutrients we can assimilate into our system.

Because meditation creates harmony within, it has been said that “meditation is the key digestive process through which the life force is taken into the system. 1

DON’T WORRY, this is not a philosophical speech! Rather an educational piece on the many possibilities for improving health. If you’ve made it this far, you are definitely interested in improving your health and that is what this journey is all about; learning as many different ways to be healthy as possible and choosing which ones feel right for you.

I encourage you to keep an open mind and practice all of these components for at least one month. Our weaknesses often lie in the shadows of our doubts.

Here is a summary of the two definitions of nutrition.



Primary Energy



Secondary Energy

  • Sun
  • Fun
  • Love
  • Family
  • Career
  • Friends
  • Oxygen
  • Sexual energy
  • Earth’s energy
  • Physical activity
  • Spirituality/God/etc.
  • Food

 70-90% Total Energy Source



10-30% Total Energy Source


The main issue people face with food and energy comes from focusing on food to fulfill a lack of energy. This lack of energy or hunger for fulfillment is however usually stemming from inadequate energy from the primary nutrition components, which leads us to fill up on secondary nutrition, food!


Three keys to reaching an ideal body weight and being healthy are:

1. Making sure our primary nutrition is taken care of

2. Education about eating right

3. Commitment and discipline towards eating to live, not living to eat


Goal # 1 = Increase Primary Nutrition!


Write down three things from each energy source (primary and secondary) that you want to work on. Use the examples listed here to get an idea of where you need the most work.

Have fun with this, it can have long lasting effects which encourage new and healthy habits for the future.




  • Get outside (sun)
  • Practice giving hugs, support, etc. for no reason (unconditional love)
  • Spend more quality time with friends or family
  • Go for meditation walks (earths energy & exercise)
  • Abstain from sex for a week in efforts to harness that energy into love
  • Practice eating less (spiritual)
  • Focus on your faith and purpose
  • Mend or end unhealthy relationships
  • Hiking, walking barefoot, going to the beach, etc. (earth’s energy)
  • Breeaathe (oxygen)
  • Carbs/protein/fat (balance)
  • Vitamins  and Minerals (need more)
  • Water (need more)
  • Omega 3’s (need more)
  • Anti-oxidants (need more)
  • Sugar (need less)
  • Caffeine (need less)
  • Alcohol (need less)
  • Drugs (need less)
  • Red meat or pork (need less)
  • Fruits and veggies (need more)
  • Any other food derivative
1. Dr. Gabriel Cousens –  “Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet

Foods to Avoid (Pollution Foods) – Type AB

This list has been compiled from New York Times Best Selling Author Dr. Peter J. D’ Adamo’s book Eat Right For Your Type.

Acid Fruits: Oranges,Pomegranates

Sub-Acid Fruits: Guava,Mangos,Prickly Pears,Starfruit (Carambola)

Sweet Fruits: Bananas,Persimmons

Melons: None

Carbs/Starches: Corn Muffins,Buckwheat,Cornflakes,Cornmeal,Kamut,Kasha,Artichoke Pasta,Soba Noodles,Jerusalem Artichokes

Fats/Oils: Corn Oil,Cottonseed Oil,Safflower Oil,Sesame Oil,Sunflower Oil

Protein Starch: Aduke Beans,Azuki Beans,Black Beans,Fava Beans,Garbanzo Beans,Kidney Beans,Lima Beans,Black Eyed Peas

Protein Flesh: Bacon,Beef,Ground Beef,Buffalo,Chicken, Cornish Hens,Duck,Goose,Ham,Heart,Partridge,Pork,Veal,Venison,Quail,Anchovy,Barracuda,                                              Beluga,Bluegill Bass,Clam,Conch,Crab,Crayfish,Eel,Flounder,Frog,Gray Sole,Haddock, Halibut,Pickled Herring,Lobster,Lox (Smoked Salmon),Octopus,Oysters,Sea Bass,Shrimp,Striped Bass,Turtle,Yellowtail

Protein Fat: Filberts,Poppy Seeds,Pumpkin Seeds,Sesame Butter (Tahini),Sesame Seeds,Sunflower Butter,Sunflower Seeds,American Cheese,Blue Cheese,Brie,Butter,Buttermilk, Camembert,Ice Cream,Parmesan,Provolone,Sherbet,Whole Milk, Coconuts,Black Olives,Avocados

Non-Starchy Veggies: Abalone Mushrooms,Shiitake Mushrooms, Green Peppers,Jalapeno Peppers,Red Peppers,Yellow Peppers,Radishes,Mung Sprouts, Radish Sprouts

Mildly Starchy Veggies: Rhubarb, Domestic Artichoke,White Corn,Yellow Corn

Juices/Fluids: Orange

Condiments: Ketchup,Dill Pickles,Kosher Pickles,Sweet Pickles,Sour Pickles,Relish,Worcestershire Sauce

Spices: Allspice,Almond Extract,Anise,Barley Malt,Capers, Cornstarch,Corn Syrup,Plain Gelatin,Ground Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper,Peppercorn Pepper,Red Pepper Flakes,White Pepper,Tapioca,Apple Cider Vinegar,Balsamic Vinegar,Red Wine Vinegar,White Vinegar

Herbal Teas: Aloe,Coltsfoot,Corn Silk,Fenugreek,Gentian, Hops,Linden,Mullein,Red Clover,Rhubarb,Senna,Shepherd’s Purse,Skullcap

Misc. Beverages: Distilled Liquor, Cola Soda,Diet Soda, Other Soda,Decaf Black Tea,Regular Black Tea

Highly Beneficial (Healing) Foods – Type AB

This list has been compiled from New York Times Best Selling Author Dr. Peter J. D’ Adamo’s book Eat Right For Your Type.

Acid Fruits: Cranberries,Grapefruit,Kiwi,lemons,Pineapples

Sub-Acid Fruits: Cherries,Gooseberries,Black Grapes,Concord Grapes,Green Grapes,Red Grapes,Loganberries,Dark Plums,Green Plums,Red Plums

Sweet Fruits: Dried figs, Fresh figs

Melons (There are no highly beneficial foods for these categories, so the listed foods here are NEUTRAL): Canang,Casaba,Crenshaw,Cantaloupe,Honeydew,Christmas,Musk,Spanish,Watermelon

Carbs/Starches:Brown Rice Bread,Essene bread,Ezekiel bread,Fin Crisp,Millet,Rice Cakes,100% Rye Bread,Rye Crisps,Rye Vita,Soy Flour Bread,Sprouted Wheat Bread,Wasa Bread,Oat Bran,Oatmeal,Rice Bran,Puffed Rice,Spelt,Oat Flour,Rice Flour,Rye Flour,Sprouted Wheat Flour,Basmati Rice,Brown Rice,White Rice,Wild Rice,Parsnips,Sweet potatoes,Yams, all types

Protein Fat:Walnuts,Cottage Cheese,Farmer,Feta,Goat Cheese,Goat Milk,Kefir,Mozzarella,Ricotta,Sour Cream (non fat),Yogurt,Tofu

Fats/Oils:Olive oil

Protein Starch: Chestnuts,Peanuts,Peanut Butter,Navy Beans,Pinto Beans,Red Beans,Red Soy Beans,Green Lentils

Protein Flesh:Lamb,Mutton,Rabbit,Turkey,Albacore (Tuna),Cod,Grouper,Hake,Mackerel,Mahi mahi,Monkfish,Ocean Perch,Pickerel,Pike,Porgy,Rainbow trout,Red snapper,Sailfish,Salmon,Sardine,Sea Trout,Shad,Snail,Sturgeon

Non-Starchy Veggies:Beet Leaves,Broccoli,Celery,Collard greens,Cucumbers,Dandelion,Eggplant,Garlic,Kale,Mustard Greens,Parsley,Alfalfa Sprouts,Tempeh

Mildly Starchy Veggies:Cauliflower, Beets

Juices/Fluids: Cabbage,Carrot,Celery,Black Cherry,Cranberry,Grape,Papaya

Condiments (There are no highly beneficial foods for these categories, so the listed foods here are NEUTRAL): Jam and Jelly (from acceptable fruits), Mayonnaise,Mustard,Salad Dressing (low fat from acceptable ingredients)

Spices: Curry,Garlic,Horseradish,Miso,Parsley

Herbal Teas: Alfalfa, Burdock, Chamomile, Echinacea, Ginger,Ginseng,Green Tea, Hawthorn,Licorice Root,Rose Hips,Strawberry Leaf

Misc. Beverages: Regular Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Green Tea

Foods to Avoid (Pollution Foods) – Type B

This list has been compiled from New York Times Best Selling Author Dr. Peter J. D’ Adamo’s book Eat Right For Your Type.

Acid Fruits: Pomegranate, Tomato

Sub-Acid Fruits: Prickly Pear, Star Fruit (Carambola)

Sweet Fruits: Persimmon

Melons: None

Carbs/Starches: Amaranth,Barley,Buckwheat,Cornflakes, Cornmeal, Cream of Wheat,Kamut,Kasha,Rye,Seven Grain,Shredded Wheat, Wheat Bran,Wheat Germ,Wheat Bagels,Corn Muffins,Durum Wheat,Multi Grain Bread,100% Rye Bread,Rye Crisp,Rye Vita,Wheat Bran Muffins,Whole Wheat Bread, Jerusalem Artichoke,Buckwheat,Couscous,Barley Flour, Bulgur Wheat Flour,Durum Wheat Flour,Gluten Flour,Rye Flour,Whole Wheat Flour,Artichoke Pasta,Soba Noodles,Wild Rice

Fats/Oils: Canola Oil, Corn Oil,Cottonseed Oil,Peanut Oil,Safflower Oil,Sesame Oil,Sunflower Oil

Protein Starch:Peanuts,Peanut Butter,Aduke Beans,Azuki Beans,Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans,Pinto Beans,Domestic Lentils,Green Lentils,Red Lentils,Black Eyed Peas

Protein Flesh: Bacon,Chicken,Cornish Hens,Duck,Goose,Ham,Heart,Partridge,Pork,Quail,Anchovy,Barracuda,Beluga,Bluegill Bass,Clam,Conch,Crab,Crayfish,Eel,Frog,Lobster,Lox (Smoked Salmon),Mussels,Octopus,Oysters,Sea Bass,Shrimp,Snail,Striped Bass,Turtle,Yellowtail

Protein Fat: American Cheese,Blue Cheese,Ice Cream,String Cheese,Cashews,Filberts,Pignola (Pine),Pistachio,Poppy Seeds,Pumpkin Seeds,Sesame Butter (Tahini),Sesame Seeds,Sunflower Butter,Sunflower Seeds,Coconuts,Avocado,Black Olives,Green Olives,Greek Olives,Spanish Olives,Tofu

Non-Starchy Veggies: Radishes,Mung Sprouts,Radish Sprouts,Tempeh

Mildly Starchy Veggies: Rhubarb,White Corn,Yellow Corn,Pumpkin,Domestic Artichoke

Juices/Fluids: Tomato

Condiments: Ketchup

Spices: Allspice,Almond Extract,Barley Malt,Cinnamon,Cornstarch,Corn Syrup,Plain Gelatin,Black Ground Pepper,White Pepper,Tapioca

Herbal Teas: Aloe,Coltsfoot,Corn Silk,Fenugreek,Gentian,Hops,Linden,Mullein,Red Clover,Rhubarb,Senna,Shepherd’s Purse,Skullcap

Misc. Beverages: Distilled Liquor,Seltzer Water,Club Soda,Cola Soda,Diet Soda,Other Soda

Highly Beneficial Foods – Type B

This list has been compiled from New York Times Best Selling Author Dr. Peter J. D’ Adamo’s book Eat Right For Your Type.

Acid Fruits: Cranberries, Pineapple

Sub-Acid Fruits: Black Grapes,Concord Grapes,Green Grapes,Red Grapes,Papaya,Dark Plums,Green Plums,Red Plums

Sweet Fruits: Bananas

Melons (There are no highly beneficial foods for this category, so the listed foods here are NEUTRAL): Casaba,Christmas, Crenshaw, Honeydew, Musk, Spanish, Watermelon, Canang, Cantaloupe

Carbs/Starches: Millet, Oat Bran, Oatmeal,Puffed Rice, Rice Bran,Spelt,Parsnips,Sweet Potatoes,Yams (all types),Oat Flour, Rice Flour,Brown Rice Bread,Essene Bread,Ezekiel Bread,Fin Crisp,Rice Cakes,Wasa Bread

Protein Fat: Cottage Cheese, Farmer,Feta,Goat Cheese,Goat Milk,Kefir,Mozzarella,Ricotta,Skim or 2% Milk,Yogurt,Frozen Yogurt

Protein Starch: Kidney Beans, Lima Beans,Navy Beans,Red Soy Beans

Fats/Oils: Olive Oil

Protein Flesh: Lamb, Mutton,Rabbit,Venison,Cod,Flounder,Grouper,Haddock,Hake,Halibut,Mackerel,Mahimahi,Monkfish,Ocean Perch,Pickerel,Pike,Porgy,Salmon,Sardine,Sea Trout,Shad,Sole,Sturgeon,Sturgeon Eggs (Caviar)

Non-Starchy Veggies: Beet Leaves,Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage,Red Cabbage,White Cabbage,Collard Greens,Eggplant,Kale,Shiitake Mushroom,Mustard Greens,Parsley,Green Peppers,Jalapeno Peppers,Red Peppers,Yellow Peppers,Brussels Sprouts

Mildly Starchy Veggies: Beets,Carrots,Cauliflower

Juices/Fluids: Cabbage, Cranberry, Grape,Papaya,Pineapple

Condiments (There are no highly beneficial foods for these categories, so the listed foods here are NEUTRAL): Jam and Jelly (from acceptable fruits),Mayonnaise,Mustard,Apple Butter,Dill Pickles, Kosher Pickles, Sour Pickles, Sweet Pickles,Relish,Salad Dressing (low fat from acceptable ingredients),Worcestershire Sauce

Spices: Cayenne Pepper, Curry,Ginger,Horseradish,Parsley

Herbal Teas: Ginger, Ginseng, Licorice, Parsley,Peppermint,Raspberry Leaf,Rose Hips,Sage

Misc. Beverages: Green Tea

Meal Options – Type AB

Main Meals

• Iceberg Lettuce wraps with ground turkey and a side of veggies

• Grilled salmon and veggies

• Shish kabobs with lamb & veggies and pineapple

• Salads* w/ walnuts

• Endive Salad*

• Pesto white rice with veggies

• Quesadillas (flour tortillas) and veggies

• Spaghetti Squash & Pesto or Marinara & Veggies

• Basmati Curry Rice & Veggies

• Turkey Meatballs & Spinach

• Portobello mushroom burger with veggies

• Desserts (Eat as a whole meal)

• Pesto Veggie Omelet with sundried tomatoes

• Veggie chili made with tofu

• Soups with rice or red or white potatoes and veggies

• Soups with meat and veggies

• Gazpacho

• Asparagus Frittatas

• Roasted red or white potatoes and cauliflower

• Cabbage rolls

• Meat and sauerkraut

• Homemade Sweet Potato Fries and stir-fried veggies

• Sweet and sour veggies with rice

• Teriyaki rice and veggies

• Cioppino made with Red Snapper and Mussels

• Homemade pancakes or waffles

• Mahimahi and veggies

• Split pea soup and salad*

• Quinoa and veggies

• Ground Turkey Meat loaf and veggies

• Spinach and navy bean soup with broccoli

• Veggie tacos with pico de gallo

• Salmon, sun dried tomatoes and sautéed spinach

• Chips and salsa with a side of sautéed kale and collard greens

• Vegetable sushi rolls

• Homemade, gluten-free eggplant pizza with goat cheese

• Mashed potatoes and veggies

• Garlic bread veggie (zucchini) sandwiches

• Green Lentils and veggies

• Pinto Beans and veggies

• Red Snapper Ceviche

*Dressings need to be all natural and homemade with proper oils


• Sweet potato & flax seed

• Peanuts, Walnuts, Chestnuts

• Veggie juice

• Natural food bars

• Baked chips and salsa

• Fruits (on empty stomach)

• Shakes

• Beans & Salsa or Veggies

• Jicama, Chili Powder & Lime

• Peanut Butter and celery

• Raw veggies

• Roasted Kale

• Boiled Eggs

• Homemade applesauce

• Raw Coleslaw

• Goat Cheese Cabbage Wraps

• Rice Cakes