Choose at least 3 affirmations below or create your own that you can repeat on a daily basis.

 Find a time (usually when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night) that you can do these routinely and stick to them for at least 1 month.

 Repeat them out loud while using the tapping points on the other handout. This should only take a few minutes.

 It does NOT matter if you believe what you are saying or doing. If you repeat them enough, eventually your body will believe them, just as you were trained growing up to think you were smart, ugly, pretty, stupid, annoying, or whatever else your friends, family, teachers etc. told you.

 These affirmations could be the missing link to your success. Please try them for a month so that you can get the most out of this program. For me personally, I go to them again and again whenever I fall out of line, and they always bring me back on track. ‘ 


• I accept and make peace with my previous “failures.” I do not fight them. I am open to learning new ways to live from them and am committed to success, right now and forever.

• I release my anger and my wasted precious energy from my “failures”, right now and forever. I choose to move past them now and reach my goals/potential.

• My first steps towards success are accepting my “failures” and then acknowledging my efforts in the pursuit of health.

• It is okay to feel anger, it means I care. I choose to release my frustration and focus on my goals, starting now.


• Worrying is like praying for things I don’t want. I choose to focus on my goals.

• Life doesn’t happen to me, it happens for me, so that I can go get it!

• I let go of everything that doesn’t support me, right now and forever.


• My greatest possession is my body. I am committed to getting to know its language better.

• The purpose of my suffering is to teach me how to reach my potential.

• The purpose of my suffering is to teach me how to love myself and discover parts of me that I never knew.

• My spirit and soul are always my priority, for that is where my path is.


• I focus on one step at a time. I know my journey may be long, but I also know I will get there.

• Obstacles are what I see when I lose sight of my goals, so I focus on m goals now.

• I trust my body’s ability to heal itself. The more I listen to my body, the more I learn how to heal myself.


• I will make time to rest, slow down, and relax from my busy schedule. Just like a race car making a pit stop, I will slow down at least 15 minutes every day so I can be at my best.

• I will make time for silence, listen to my body, and be accepting of its lessons.

• I let go of my addiction to _________________(drugs, alcohol, food, impulsive behavior, etc.) and commit to improving my health with nutrition, relaxation techniques, stretching, and exercise.

  • I am dedicated to _________ and let go of everything that gets in the way of my goals.



• I do not have to be tough and hide my pain anymore. I will share my suffering with others close to me so I can unload this burden of shame and guilt.

• Sharing my suffering with others is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of inner strength.

• Sharing my suffering will help me connect deeper with myself and others and free me from my unhealthy patterns.


• I am so grateful for all the food I get to eat

• I am so grateful for all the people who helped make my food possible; the farmer, supplier, preparer, etc.

• I am so lucky to have everything I have, I LOVE my life!

Ready & Willing

• I am ready, willing and worthy to be well

• I am ready to be completely well

• I am willing to be well

• I am worthy

• I am willing to be completely well

• My body is able to be completely well again

• My heart, brain, liver, breast, etc…is able to heal and be well again

• I am able to be well again

• I am ready, willing, and able to be well now

• I have the right to be free, to be joyful, to be healthy, to work, to love and be loved, to live in peace, to choose my own medical care, to have beauty in my life, to make a contribution, etc

• My brain remembers how it feels to be completely well

• My brain is now ready, willing, and able to activate all those functions that lead me to perfect and permanent health


• I love and support everyone, including MYSELF, right now and forever.

• I deeply and completely accept myself

• I choose to feel valuable, joyful, and complete

• I am lovable

• I am perfect as I am

• God loves me

• I am valuable

• I am free

• I am good

• I am worthy

• I am ok as I am

• I am able to love

• I trust my intelligence


• Food is fuel and I only eat what is best for me

• I am committed to eating right and sticking to my plan

• I eat for energy and don’t give in to the temptations of bad food

• I am ready to improve my health by eating better and following my plan

• My attitude, family, friends, sun and fun are the primary sources of my energy, not food

• I love eating healthy foods

• Healthy foods make me happy

• I eat well so I can be well

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